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A labor of love for the baseball world, August 3, 2003.
Reviewer: Darrell Edward Ehrlick, The Herald-Journal, Logan, Utah.
5 out of 5 stars

Bill Lee should be dubbed "Baseball's Undertaker." Maybe there is even room in Cooperstown for a plaque to that effect. In his book, The Baseball Necrology, he gives brief (sometimes all too brief) paragraph synopsis of what happened to baseball players after they left baseball. This book is a reference book, not necessarily a narrative, but if you are a baseball fan or historian, consider your collection incomplete until you've added this gem.

When a baseball player leaves the major leagues, they often have 40 or 50 years of life ahead of them. How many times have you asked the question, "I wonder what happened to . . ." or, "I wonder where he's buried . . ." This book solves that question for those baseball players who have passed on to the big green diamond in the sky.

Though the reader is often left wanting to know more about a favorite player, Lee at least gives you an idea where to look (graveyard, obituary, etc.). It is easy to see how a more complete biography on any player would have made the book unmanageable. Heck, as is, the book is over 500 pages long.

This seems to be a great stepping stone for anyone wanting to do more research on baseball players and their lives. Even though some may be disappointed that there wasn't more information, or disappointed that the book wasn't written in a narrative format, this is an extra, extraordinary reference book, and an amazing contribution to America's pastime.

I have never seen anything quite like it in the library or in the bookstores.

"(The Baseball Necrology) is a must for the longtime baseball fan." - James Arnold, The Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Missouri.

"(The Baseball Necrology is) a unique and valuable reference work." - Mike Lackey, The Lima News, Lima, Ohio.

"A baseball history niche that had been unfulfilled has now been met .  .  ." - Steve Krah, The Elkhart Truth, Elkhart Indiana.

"True cranks will appreciate The Baseball Necrology." - Anvil Welch, The Joplin Globe, Joplin, Missouri.

"Bill Lee stepped up to the plate and belted a grand-slam home run.  .  .  . this book is a must for baseball enthusiasts .  .  .", Stu Swartz, The Goshen News, Goshen, Indiana.

"(The Baseball Necrology) hits home run with this fan." - Randy Davidson, Valley Morning Star, Harlingen, Texas.

"(The Baseball Necrology is) enjoyable to read . . . a thoroughly researched book . . . remarkably accurate." - Stew Thornley, Southside Journal Book Reviews, Roseville, Minnesota.

"I think it (The Baseball Necrology) is one of the best books I have ever purchased." - Orville Redding, South St Paul, Minnesota.

"(The Baseball Necrology is) A great book for any baseball fan." - Hobart Morris, Brookfield,  New York.

"(The Baseball Necrology) is wonderful, and is an answer to prayers." - Gary Wilkins, New Carrollton, Maryland.

"(The Baseball Necrology is) very thoroughly and well done.  Congratulations!" - Dr. Edward Koszarek, Ed.D., El Paso, Texas.

"(The Baseball Necrology is) recommended.  Comprehensive baseball collections." - R. Nash, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

"(The Baseball Necrology is) an outstanding reference book that we have added to our Ernie Harwell Collection." - Mark Bowden, Assistant Manager, Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library.

"(The Baseball Necrology) is a good research tool as well as one that should interest any baseball fan." - Walter Kephart, member of The Society of Baseball Research (SABR), Roanoke, Virginia.

"With the difficulty and magnitude of the research you did, I find it amazing there are as few mistakes as there are in the book." - Dr. Fred Worth, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Henderson State University, Arkadelphia AR.

 "(The Baseball Necrology is an) invaluable baseball reference. It has saved me countless hours,  Google searches and trips to the local library going through obscure obituary notices.  A definite must for any baseball researcher looking into the lives (and deaths) of baseball personalities. " - Ron Henry, Minneapolis MN.



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