Bill & LaVonne Lee


America's Favorite Pastime and More

The bat makes contact with the ball, and the crack the ball makes reverberates from home plate, all the way back to the cheap seats. The whole place smells like popcorn, hot dogs, and beer, with notes of dirt and chalk. Taken together, the entirety of the baseball experience adds up to something much more than just a game for players and fans. Baseball is widely known as "America's favorite pastime." To anyone who has ever spent a warm Sunday afternoon absorbing its many charms, the claim ceases to feel like a boast or innocent exaggeration and instead feels like an incantation, something a nation says in a simultaneous whisper to open up a portal to a simpler, less hectic time. For decades, fans have flocked to baseball games to soak in the sights, sounds, and smells of not only spirited competition but also community. The sport has a sort of mystical allure that inspires diehards to go to great lengths to find the best seat in which to soak in the experience, and that means hunting down tickets. Across the country, families buy tickets to root for the home team, and they also seek out seats for a wide variety of other entertaining events, such as musicals, plays, concerts, and more.

  • Dead Ballplayer's Society: There are thousands of baseball players no longer enjoying the game or, indeed, the game of life. Use this site to research their achievements.